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SGL allows you to order all products from all over the world in international stores, and we will ship them to you wherever you want. Thanks to the consolidation of orders, SGL can offer the lowest prices possible since you will receive all your goods at once.


Our service is simple and gives you the ability to bypass the geographic restrictions of most major North American, European and Asian websites. Indeed, all these online sales sites are often limited to countries in the northern hemisphere, thus preventing African consumers from purchasing directly.


Thanks to SGL, these restrictions no longer exist for everyone in Africa. All the products available on Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and many other e-merchants are now accessible to you just a few clicks away. You order, we receive, and we send all your packages to your home, no matter where you live! It’s simple, convenient, fast and inexpensive thanks to the grouping of orders!


No longer hesitate to buy electronic devices on, .com, .de, .uk, .it or .ca, new clothes on Walmart, the latest gadgets on Alibaba, all new sneakers on, and even used cars on our partner sites. Access everything you want or need, from your smartphone, computer or tablet.